Saturday, March 04, 2006

You Can Tune a Piano..

We quit serving tuna salad a while back because it wasn't a frequently ordered item. With Lent in full swing, I've decided to resurrect the tuna with a new (and decidedly more popular)recipe.

Onions. You love them or hate them. Nobody sits on the fence when it comes to onions. Now hear this! The new tuna does not contain onions! You want onions-order them on your sandwich and we'll throw a grip of 'em on there with the lettuce and tomato.

The new and improved tuna salad is huge chunks of white tuna with real mayonnaise and chopped, fresh dill. Purist tuna, if you will. Yummy purist tuna. You want that on the rye swirl bread, of course.

Disclaimer: This is a two-handed sandwich and not suitable for dining while driving. If you eat it at your desk, please move any and all important papers out of the way to avoid "tuna slop."

Monday, February 27, 2006

Red Swingline Not Included

The smaller office above Hartford Coffee will be available for lease after March 5. Your rent includes all utilities except telephone and the free WiFi is fairly reliable upstairs. The attached balcony is private but the restroom is shared.

If you're interested in seeing the space, please email me at or call the cafe. The number is 314.771.5282 and I'm there most weekdays.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Really. Why Leave?

This weekend will be absolutely HUGE with several events you won't want to miss.

On Saturday night we welcome Java Jam artist anDrea. If you missed her last year, be sure to get there early as the house will be packed despite the extra 20 chairs we're bringing in.

Sunday at 6:00 PM there will be a meeting upstairs in the Java Lounge for folks interested in joining forces with the Marble Stage Theatre group. We're going to need lots of help to get the next show off the ground and we need you! Call me if you have any questions about this at 314.771.5282.

Also Sunday at 7:00 PM is the February Free Candy with Amanda Doyle and KWMU's Tom Weber filling in for Julia Smillie. It's loud, it's fun and you can swear if you want to because most people have the good sense to leave the wee ones at home for this show. Check out their website at

Bring a cot, have a sammie and settle in for the weekend. I know its Mardi Gras and all but I suspect, if you have beads, a full 60% of our staff would be willing to flash some boob to keep you at Hartford Coffee.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Get On "The List"

What say you to an evening of food, drink, music and art? The more the merrier is our response! Please join us next Sunday the 19th from 5-8 PM in honor of James Fox, our February artist.

Is there a catch? You bet. To make it past the doorman you gotta get on the eVite list by emailing me at Please do this as soon as possible..yes, now is a good time.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Things Are Looking Up(stairs)

As many of you know, the children's area at Hartford is wildly popular. The original concept of the play area was to have an inviting environment for the parents, children and families of our neighborhood. James and I both believed that too often, families are not considered part of the greater community and very few accommodations are made for them. Hence, the play area. It gets a lot of use and it has afforded countless parents to enjoy a cuppa with their kids close by.

Adults without kids sometimes get the short end of the stick when the cafe is busy. In response, we'll soon be offering an adults only area upstairs. For lack of a better term, we're calling it the Java Lounge at this time. Hopefully, it'll be ready to go within a week.

If you have any books or magazines you'd like to share, please drop 'em by Hartford Coffee so we can have a nice lending library in the Java Lounge. Other features will be comfortable seating, limited tables and chairs and Tah-Dah! no kids!

Anything else you'd like to see in the non-play area? Send me an email.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Renaissance Man

Some people can do just about anything. I know a man who can fix stuff, work with wood, create pottery, sing and run a restaurant while being a husband, father and professor. On top of all that, this person can also paint.

February's artist is none other than my business partner and road-dog, James Fox.

His paintings are bright, colorful and abstract in style. James paints primarily for personal expression and to make art accessable for all people, regardless of their previous experience with art.

James hopes that by exhibiting his work, he can inspire others to try new and creative endeavors.

Please stop by and enjoy his artistic talent this month only. Information regarding a reception will follow soon.

Monday, January 30, 2006

When It Rains, It Pours

Thanks to everyone who supported us through a really difficult weekend. Within the span of 3 days, Hartford Coffee had these trials:

The flavored coffee grinder crapped out.

A shipment of green coffee beans did not arrive last week as planned-leaving very little coffee for roasting, drinking or purchase.

The espresso machine broke, creating a very difficult situation as there are only 2 companies in town capable of repairing our super-automatic and they didn't have the parts in stock.

The kitchen equipment was rearranged due to power circuit failure.

A few menu items ran out.

As of Monday night, I'm pleased to announce that all is well at Hartford Coffee. The whole crew spent the whole day restocking, repairing, replacing and recovering. It was exhausing for everyone but we're up and running at full speed.

Thanks again for your business and friendship. You are appreciated!